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[sticky post] Intro

I am an artist and collector. I love foxes, cats and ferrets.
Pokémon I collect:

My Pokemon collection website
My art website (+ social media links)

Title is from Ride by twenty one pilots.

Pokémon Sales

✦ My PKMNCollectors feedback can be found here and my eBay feedback can be found here.
✦ For payment I accept PayPal and/or trade only. (See bottom point for more info about trades.) Please send payments as "goods and services". My PayPal is purpleshinx (at) gmail.com.
✦ All prices are in USD and do not include shipping.
✦ I ship from Michigan (US) and will ship anywhere, but keep in mind that international shipping gets expensive fast!
I pick the cheapest shipping option by default. Let me know if you faster shipping and/or insurance.
✦ Please make it clear when you are committing to an item, as people who do this always have priority over others.
Please put your username and which items you ordered in your PayPal memo.
Payment is due within 24 hours after committing unless we make a different agreement.
My items come from a nonsmoking but cat-friendly home. I keep my items away from my cats, but it is always a possibility that the items have come in contact with them, so please be aware of this if you have allergies. I can clean items before shipping them out if requested.
I am usually able to ship packages out within 3-4 days of payment. You will be notified of any delays if you make a purchase.
I reuse packaging when possible. You may request that I use new packaging instead, but be aware that you will be charged extra for materials if you do this.
✦ I am open to haggling, just no lowball offers please. The more you buy, the more flexible I am on prices.
✦ Feel free to inquire about the condition of an item, but keep in mind that I may take a few days to get photos because I move between two houses.
✦ I can protect tags on request free of charge. They will be protected with tag protectors (if I have any) or cardboard. Flats will be protected by default.
I will consider trades for items on my wishlist. If you have something available of a Pokémon I collect that is neither on my wishlist or in my collection, feel free to offer! Note that I am mostly interested in plush and figures, and I have no interest in flats.

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Originally posted by denkimouse at PLUSH RESTORATION GUIDE! + It's Official: He's Official
Welcome to Gin's Plush Restoration Guide!
When you want to fluff up loved fur, remove stains, fix tears and replace missing parts.

I've wanted to make this for a very long time! I will link to the post later if I find it, but I haven't written about plush restoration in quite a while, since my most famous project, restoring Dr. Raikou. He is gigantic and took many, many repetitive sessions over the course of a year to fully restore. This guide will focus on normal-sized plush.

So I present my three subjects, from left to right: Potatochu, Specialchu and Yellowchu! I realized I should do this tutorial after I had already begun a bit, so the "before" pics are already a bit wet but... let's continue anyway.

begin the full restore!Collapse )

As Specialchu promised, I redid my photos of these fellows. They are what the community voted to call "Mirage Plush", rare, usually-European novelty dolls from crane machines and festivals.

When I began my Germanchu collection (most of them have come from Germany), I suspected these dolls were made by Play-by-Play in 2000-ish. This original suspicion was left on my site to speculate, but after lack of evidence and all tush tags being chopped off, I gave up. German PKMNcollectors had told me they saw these Germanchus sold at festivals celebrating Pokemon Yellow's release. Good enough for me to have that much info.

Yellowchu arrived yesterday. I had him for 2 hours before I REALLY looked. And stared. And gaped. And then pumped my fist into the air with VICTORY.


And he is an official Play by Play plush made in 2000.

Come see what this tag says (it's quite interesting), how I know it's not a cheapo tag tossed on by bootleggers, and for more pics of all the Raichus together.

It's Official, He is official!Collapse )

THANK YOU for checking out my tutorial and reading into the mysteries of these Raichus. Hope you enjoyed, my comrades! My Germanchus thank you as well! :D


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